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Biblical texts that annoy

I feel in soul, every day, how difficult it is to be a Christian.The pattern that Jesus expects of me does not always go against my wishes and desires. I confess that there are certain things difficult to perform, and I imagine that walking would become "easier" if some lines were simply deleted from the Bible. They perplex me, embarrass, expose my weaknesses, and some concepts that emanate from them does not seem to work in practice.
How can the Bible say that "the meek shall inherit the earth" (Mt 5.5), we are seeing is that whoever wins, wins and orders are strong, the warriors and those who hold the guns?
As agreed with the parable in which the worker receives the last hour in the evening the same salary who Malhou hard all day (Matt. 20)?
And the divine mathematics, then? Leave ninety-nine sheep in the desert at the mercy of the wolves, to go after one lost sheep? Let her go. Maybe she was a misfit who did not deserve to be with the herd.
A poor widow goes, puts two pennies in gazofilácio and Jesus says that it offered more than all the "graudões" full of possessions (Luke 21.3). If I apply this in my church, I have no money to even pay the electric bill next month.
The correction seems that Jesus uses testify against common sense: a child leaves home, lives riotous wasting all their assets, returns empty-handed, yet? Wins? a feast (Luke 15:25). The brother, who remained in the house had to work twice as hard during his absence, and it seems you have not received anything for it.
I love my family, I love my brothers, I am happy to be with friends. But Jesus comes and says I'm not doing anything else, because even unbelievers do the same. What does he need? I show love to their enemies and bless those who persecute me?Believe it: this is exactly what He desires (Matt. 5:43-48)! That's awesome!
So far we talked like a fool. Jesus bother and will always keep bugging. Sometimes we act like the people Gerasene that disturbed by his presence, politely asked him to withdraw those lands (Mark 5:17). Jesus intends to depart from all that He can "mess." After all, we have our life, our vision, our way of thinking.
However, the "madness" of the Gospel is our cure. It is the true way of looking at life. Who dares to take the plunge understand, who see risk. Those who accept the Gospel as the only way of life that is worth living, do as the man who found a hidden treasure in the field, and overflowing with joy, will sell everything he has and buys that field. You have to risk everything? no half bet.
The Gospel opens our minds and gives us new eyes. And reading the Bible with those eyes I realize that there will not be meek to conquer the land, but the will of the Lord, as an inheritance, as only one who has all the things your children can inherit.
The worker's last hours, as well as those who find the Divine love, albeit belatedly, also experience the goodness of the Father to the Chief Shepherd, a sheep is so worth saving, that he would leave everything to achieve this " unique, "that is me and you. The poor widow offered more than others because they gave what was left, she gave everything she had. The younger son was welcomed back by his father because he never dealt with us according to our transgressions, however ripping the books of "fair", with your notes collection.
Actually there are texts that trouble, but instead of taking them from the Bible, we live them, because it is precisely where they "catch" that need to be healed. Think about it.

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