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10 Reasons For Worship

1. Because we have to face the daily tasks with a more cheerfulheart, makes us stronger for the job, more committed to our duty and predisposes us to glorify God in all we do. Read Colossians3:17.

2. Because it gives us strength to face discouragement,disappointments, unexpected hardships and frustrations we face. Read Hebrews 2:18.

3. Because it makes us more aware, throughout the day, thecomforting presence of God to help us overcome impure thoughts and any other enemies, who may come to attack us.Read Philippians 4:4-7.

4. Because the worship softens the harshness of the relationshipat home and greatly enrich family living. Read Ephesians 6.1-9.

5. Because it clarifies the misunderstandings and tends to ease the tensions that sometimes invade the sacred environment of the home. Read Romans 12.9-11.

6. Because the worship helps to keep the faith of children leavinghome, moving away from parental influence. In most cases, is theworship that will later determine the salvation of the children ofbelieving households. Read II Timothy 3:15-17.

7. Because he may influence sound and holy on people who may be visiting family. Read Romans 14.7-9.

8. Because the worship reinforces the pastoral work and,moreover, greatly encourages participation in the Church. ReadRomans 15.6-7.

9. Because the worship of a home is an example and stimulus to other homes, so they have the same life of devotion and worship of God. Read Acts 2.46,47.

10. For the word of God teaches that we do family worship. As we obey God, we are giving honor to him who is the giver of all good and source of all blessing. Read Romans 12:1-2.

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