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Number of evangelicals in Brazil is growing increasingly Catholic and decreases rapidly, survey shows

Evangelicals do not stop growing. It shows what an unpublished research by economist Marcelo Neri of the Getulio VargasFoundation, based on data from IBGE. The figures were disclosed this weekend by Veja magazine.

Between 2003 and 2009, there was a fall of 7.3% among those who claim to be Catholic. In the same period, evangelicals have gone from 17.9% to 20.2% of the total Brazilian. Today, therefore, Catholics account for 68.4% of the population - the lowest percentage in history (in the early 80's, 90% of the population was Catholic).

Research shows other news: proportionally among BrazilianCatholics are more men than women. It is the first time this has happened.

To curb the growth in the Catholic Church will release a newPope's visit in January 2013. The papal leaders will find the following table: the number of Catholics in Brazil, whichdecreased rapidly in the 80 and 90 and stabilized at the beginning of the last decade, fell again.

The perception that the number of evangelicals will double over the next decade reaching 109 million, according to estimates from Sepal. Evangelicals represent 50% of the population.

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