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What Can We Learn in the Valley of Dry Bones

Text: Ezekiel 37.1-14

• The setting is bleak. The people are in exile.
• Ezekiel 20: 32 says that they did not believe in God.
• Ezekiel 37:11 and Ezekiel 37: 2. Bones not only dry, very dry.

Our God is the God of hope.
 Faced with the pressures of the world, is discouragement.
 It pays to be a believer? We feel like dry bones.
 In God is our hope.
• Ezekiel 37:1 - 2. "It came over me the hand of the Lord."

Our God is the God of the impossible.
• Ezekiel 37:3. Can these bones live?
 Illustration: Genesis 18:14. Is there anything too hard for Jehovah?
 The human response to God's question is no.
 The answer of the prophet: "Thou knowest Lord." It is aresponse from a man of God.

Our God is the God who gives life.
• Ezekiel 37: 6 "... and the spirit and live poreis"
• Illustration. Book: Spiritual Exhaustion. Us is that we wereexhausted. God never.
• For cold, discouragement, the remedy is an action of the Holy Spirit.

Our God speaks and meets.
• Ezekiel 37:14 b "I said and did the Lord"
• Ezekiel 12:25. The same word.
• Isaiah 43: 13 "... I will work, who shall let it?
 Only he has the power to accomplish what he says.

 God of hope. God of the impossible. God who gives life. God who speaks and fulfills.
 Let us leave this God, the only God, be our God.

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